Harris Web Page

General Handouts: Handouts for all classes.
Assignments - Turning in Assignments Electronically
Dial-Up Networking Instructions
Screen Shots - Turning in Screen Shots Electronically as JPEG file
Screen Shots - Turning is Screen Shots Electronically in Word file
Email - Create a Free Email Account

Web Page Handouts:
Web Page - Create a Web Page and Post it on the Web
Frames - Word File
Frames - Sample (Works in IE only)
Frames - Download Zipped Frames Files
How to install Apache, PHP4 and MySQL on Win98 in an hour

Spreadsheet Handouts:
CALC - Loan Calculator
AMORT - Amortization Schedule
MTG - Mortgage Qualification
CHANGE - Count Coins

Database Handouts:
CLASS - Phone Directory (if you missed our class phone directory)

Concepts Handouts:
Ten Questions