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CIS 196i - Com. Software Appl. - INTERNET
Welcome Everyone!

You are about to begin a journey that will improve your web related computer skills! CIS 196i Commercial Software Applications - INTERNET is a beginning computer class for students wanting to learn more about the Internet. We start with how to type in a web address.

I am here to help! Stop by during office hours or call or email me anytime! Click on Contact Me link above for phone numbers, office hours and location, email addresses, etc.

This class is divided into three sections: (See Schedule)

  1. Internet History/Growth, Connection Options, Email, Browser Basics, History, Web Page Security, Searching the Web, Information Resources on the Web and Evaluation of Quality of Web Resources.
  2. FTP, Downloading, Decompressing Files, Tracing an Internet Route, Mailing Lists, Attaching Files to Email, Finding Someone, Chat, Newsgroups, Electronic Commerce, Subscriptions, Channels and Portals. 
  3. Creating a Web Page and Posting it to a FREE web server, Fundamentals of HTML, Creating a simple HTML Document, and creating an On-Line Resume as hyperlink from your web page.