Welcome to our class server

Running IIS5 on Windows 2000 Server.

You have been assigned an account and a password which will allow you to upload files to your folder. Accounts and folders are named A01, A02, or A03, etc. You will use this folder to publish your web page.  This folder will be available to everyone in the class to view your site and run your scripts - as a visitor to your site. Only you can make changes to the files in your folder.

Class Folder List

Click each one to check out what others are doing. Learn and get ideas from others in our class.

A01       A02       A03       A04       A05       A06       A07       A08       A09       A10
A11       A12       A13       A14       A15       A16       A17       A18       A19       A20
A21       A22       A23       A24       A25       A26       A27       A28       A29       A30
A31       A32       A33       A34       A35       A99 - Demo       ALL      

What is my account and password?

Enter your student ID (J number) in the format J00000000

How do I upload (copy) my files to my folder?

  1. Download and Install an FTP Program
  2. Log in to your account using the Server, www.halharris.com, and your ACCOUNT and PASSWORD from running the above script.
  3. Drag or select files to upload them to the server using the FTP Program

Here is an old way to upload (copy) files to your folder using IE on Windows 98 or XP

  1. Point your browser to ftp://ACCOUNT@www.halharris.com
  2. Substitute your user name A01, A02, etc. for ACCOUNT in above URL
  3. Enter your User Name (A01, A02, etc.) and Password (student number - no dashes)
  4. Then click LOGIN (Do NOT click Save Password on computers at school!)
  5. Click START, RUN, then type A:\
  6. Restore both windows above and resize windows so that both windows are visible.
  7. Drag your files from your A: drive to your FTP folder on the server
  8. Close all open windows when finished or someone else could sit at your computer (after you leave) and delete, change or modify your web page & scripts, or even copy your work.

To View Your Web Page and Run Your Scripts

Point your browser to http://www.halharris.com/209/ftp/A01 (change A01 to your account name). Or, just click your account link at the top of this page.

FTP Error Codes

FTP Error Codes

Here is a TIP on how to set up your browser in IE for FTP access if you're using IE5 or IE6 running on Windows XP: